TaylorMade R7 XD Irons Review

Men’s Golf Inverted Cone w/ Steel Shaft

Posted by Jess

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TaylorMade R7 XD Irons I have to admit. I didn't buy the whole "inverted cone" technology when it first came out. I thought it was just another new-fangled, run-of-the-mill goofball gimmick that would get us duffers to buy more stuff. TaylorMade is making more and more of a believer out of me. I had a chance to swing some of these sticks -- and let me tell you, I highly recommend. I was amazed at my distance right off the bat. I normally hit an old set of Cobra Gravity Backs, and I know how far my shots go. (Or at least I know how I need to compensate to get them there... you know what I mean.) First swing with this steel-shafted beauty sent my ball much farther than normal. It wasn't 100% straight, but I quickly tuned them in. The nice titanium face gives the ball a good sound and nice ball speed at impact, and the "Tuned Performance Cartridge" did seem to help with some of my off-center hits. Ok, several of my off-center hits. Fine... almost every other shot.

The price is on the higher scale, but if you can negotiate with the wife and promise a new shiny piece of jewelry in exchange for these steel-shafted beauties, go for it. Great clubs with a great name. Very nice set.

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