TaylorMade Burner Golf Driver, SuperFast 2.0

Long Shaft w/ Sloped Crown, Super Light 460cc TP

Posted by Robert

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TaylorMade Burner Golf Driver,I just finished watching Robert Garrigus pound monster drives with this new TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 during the 2011 Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Maui. The driver jumps out at you because it's very unique-looking with an all-white crown and a charcoal black face. Garrigus lost in a playoff to Jonathon Byrd but dazzled viewers all week with ginormous drives, while eagling the 663-yard par 5 18th on Saturday. (And just lipping out the eagle putt on Sunday.)

I headed out my club to give this thing a spin. I sure hoped that I wouldn’t like the thing. For one, I don’t have any money budgeted for a new driver and 2nd, this thing is so ugly – I couldn’t bear to take it out with my foursome. Let’s face it, the driver is black and white. Gross! Instead of “Burner” they should call it “Burnt.” Or perhaps they could call it “The Zebra.” How bout “The Oreo?”

The pro taped one up and I was off to the range. The first thing I noticed about “The Burnt Zebra” was how light it was. It felt like a Popsicle. The 48 gram shaft is one of the key designs that is going to help me finally reach the back fence at my driving range.

After loosening up I teed one up and took a crack at it. The ball shot straight up into the air. I swung the thing way to hard and caught the ball on the top of the clubface and popped it up. The ball may have very well traveled 300 yards, but most of that was straight up. On the next swing I swung super slow and the ball shot off of the chocolate face and flew about the distance that my old driver goes when I really go after it. Hence, I couldn’t wait to connect with one that I was really trying to pummel.

Swing three was the one that changed my life. I made a big, wide slow back swing with a full turn and then unleashed all the torque I had built up. The ball blew off the face like it was shot from a shotgun (with enough velocity perhaps to actually take down a baby zebra) and flew all the way to the back fence at 280+ yards. Holy Cow! (..which would also be a great name for the driver.)

The concept behind the technology in this weapon is: lighter is faster, and that means longer. The ultra light shaft (as previously stated) is only 48 grams, giving the driver a total weight of only 280 grams. (This driver weighs less then my tooth brush!)

In addition, the sloped crown and the low-riding sole move the center of gravity deep and low. This results in a high ball flight with little to no spin.

If your distance is your goal, this driver is freaky long. It's a lot of fun to swing to boot. (Make sure you try to get both feet off of the ground.) However, I'm still not sold on the loud, vanilla graphics although it does make for a great contrast at address. Then again, I didn't like parachute pants in the '80s at first, either. (Now, just try and get them off of me!)

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