Super Stroke Proline Putter Grip Replacement

KJ Choi

Posted by Jess

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Super Stroke Proline Putter GripWe copy the pros whenever we can.

Ok I'll admit it. I do. The sad thing is that I will actually convince myself that it's not the countless hours of practice that they spend, or the ridiculous amount of money they spend on coaches and teachers, or even the mental discipline they go through every day.

No, no. I think "if I had that grip, I could putt like KJ Choi."

He won the AT&T championship in '07 and the Sony Open in '08, right? What's his secret? How can I do that same thing? How can I compete against the Woods, Mickelsons, and Singhs?

My answer: Try the Super Stroke Putter Grip.

Why not? I don't have time to practice like they do. I don't have the ability to get top-notch coaches and lessons. I don't even feel like going through any mental exercises. I'll spend a few Hamiltons and pick up a new grip for my putter.

Yeah. That will do.

The Super Stroke is huge. It looks funny. It doesn't fit into many of the golf back holes out there. The one I looked at was red. Ew. Red? Why not just draw more attention to my funky putter grip? I might as well try flipping my visor upside down, too.

But you know what? It felt good. I didn't use my wrists as much. I actually felt my shoulders turn the right way when I putted. The biggest thing? My hands really relaxed on the putter. I honestly didn't even feel like I was really "gripping" the putter.

It's probably not for everybody -- it may not even be for me. But it's definitely worth a try the next time you're in the pro shop. Just to see. It looks so weird, but feels really good. I did look online and saw that they had other colors besides red. Whew.

Plus, it will probably put me in the running for an entry into the Sony Open in 2010. I just have to get my drives down. And my approach shots. And work on my green shots from 100 yards in...

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