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Sundog Golf Sunglasses My golf game is so bright I have to wear shades! (Get it? Hahaha!) I know. It's really not that clever. I actually stole if from that song.

However, it is important to get yourself a good pair of sunglasses while whacking the ball around the golf course. After all, we have to be able to look at least 300 yards down the fairway to watch our drives, right?

Let's take a look at these Sundog Golf Sunglasses. These are champagne and salmon-colored glasses. They are very sporty and lightweight. They wrap around your head avoiding that blind spot that you get with a lot of other styles of sunglasses.

Sundog is one of the leaders in designing sunglasses for golfers. You may have seen PGA Tour pro Hunter Mahan sporting a pair of Sundog shades.

Best of all, I like these glasses because they are polarized. If you haven't worn polarized glasses, you are in for a treat. These glasses eliminate glare like you might find coming off a water hazard or a bunker. They make objects in the sun look more vivid. Plus they'll give you a better shot of spotting that ball that you just hit in the lake because you can see underwater better. (I wear mine when I go fishing.)

Just don't try to look at your cell phone with these glasses on. (Pilots can't wear polarized glasses when they fly because the polarized lenses make it almost impossible to read LCD and other lighted displays that you find on their instruments.)

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