SKB Hard Shell Travel Case

Heavy Duty Black Golf Luggage

Posted by Robert

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SKB Hard Shell Travel Case You have to protect the kiddies, especially when taking them on vacation. Of course I'm talking about your golf clubs. (Let Mom handle the rug rats. We have real responsibilities on our minds.)

This SKB Hard Shell Travel Case could withstand a stampede of bulls. As a matter of fact, in order to see just how strong this case was, I took my friend Nick's case to the railroad tracks. It was a lucky coincidence that Nick owned the very same bag that I needed to review. (Lucky for me that is, not so much for Nick.) As it turns out, the SKB cannot… I repeat cannot withstand a collision with a high speed locomotive!

However, it's still strong. This bad boy is crafted to exceed the Airline Transportation Association Specs. It is molded from polyethylene. This material is impervious to solvents and shows no scratches. Inside, it has bumpers and ribs to absorb shock and vibration. Finally, the latches are heavy duty and die-cast.

Nick told me that he really liked his, that it protected his clubs well, and the only downside is: "A long driver won't fit in the case." He also said, "By the way, I'm leaving for Maui in the morning. Have you seen my travel case?" (Of course, this is irrelevant.)

If you'd like to see a quality travel bag that can hold a long driver, take a look at the Bag Boy T-1000 Travel Cover. This bag will hold a 51-incher.

I know, it's a big responsibility -- but you must protect the children.

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