Rifle Project X Steel Iron Shaft

Taper Tip Stepless Set of 8, 4-SW

Posted by Robert

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Rifle Project X Steel Iron Shaft These Rifle Project X shafts are step-less. It's a smooth taper that looks like it could bring down an elk at 500 yards -- or at least a par 5. Project X shafts are used in many of the Titleist irons and have a softer feel then the standard True Temper Dynamic Gold.

The idea of the discreet taper design is to deliver more energy into the golf ball. This shaft delivers the maximum amount of energy of any shaft and fires the ball up faster with a trajectory that flattens out quickly.

I recommend these irons to mid to low handicappers that can appreciate this fine instrument of beauty and control. The price is significantly higher than the True Tempers, thus you should only shell out for these if you can realize the value.

However, if you are in that elite class, you may want to check out the Project X Flighted as well. These bad boys are hot on the tour because they have a different kick point for each club in the set. The long irons have a lower kick point to get them up and flying high, while the shorter irons have a higher kick point for a lower, controlling trajectory

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