Rife Island Cayman Putter

Grooved w/ Alignment Aid

Posted by Robert

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Rife Island Cayman Putter Here's a sweet putter from Rife Island. The Rife Island Cayman Putter is a heel-shafted blade putter. It comes in three different shafts: 33, 34, and 35 inch.

Rife Island's claim to fame is their patented "RollGroove Technology." The RollGroove technology consists of sharp, closely-spaced horizontal grooves. The golf ball stays on the face longer at impact, allowing Rife Island to build the putter with one or two degrees of loft as opposed to four degrees of loft on a typical putter. This gripping effect combined with the lower loft ensures your golf ball rolls off the face smooth and true.

I love this putter. It has a great feel and the ball rolls off the face as if released from my hand. Best of all, I like the rectangle shape and the line on the head for alignment. This makes the putter very easy to line up square to the target and stroke through square.

If you are a fan of Odyssey putters, this one matches up well with the Odyssey Black Series 2, another one of my favorite putters. The difference between the two is: instead of the RollGroove, Odyssey is famous for their soft multilayered inserts.

Both putters have a great feel and roll the ball beautifully.

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