Reeso Putter VTX Review

Long, Belly, Face On or Conventional w/ Adjustable Alignment Aid

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Reeso Putter VTX Review If you think there are a lot of options in drivers these days, take a look at the available options for putters. And why not? With the average golfer stroking 36 putts per round (nearly 40% of their total shots) with a putter, it makes sense that the most time and energy would be spent trying to solve the world's putting woes. Reeso putters are yet another of the many options to choose from, and they feature an easy alignment (with very long, bold sight lines), individually adjustable settings for lie angle and weighting, and face balancing no matter what lie angle setting you use. All this is designed to provide great feel and distance control and eliminate those three and four putt greens.

The Reeso VTX putter line was developed by a retired engineer by the name of J. Sandy Reese. In an effort to overcome his own putting problems due, primarily, to a loss of visual acuity, Mr. Reese began researching the reasons average golfers miss putts. After several years of research, the Reeso Putters were born, with enhanced sight lines and the adjustability mentioned earlier. Rather than confine this "solution" to one style of putter, these putters are available in Conventional, Long, Belly, and even Face-On versions. Also available in either right- or left-handed versions, the lengths vary from 29" to 54". All are USGA conforming -- even the model that has a telescopic shaft (for easier travel).

While there is little doubt the Reeso VTX Putters work well for some people, putting is -- and always will be -- a very uniquely individual activity. What works for you might not (and probably won't) work for me. These are quite large and definitely on the expensive side. But if you are serious about being a better putter, spending a little bit extra to get it is typically not an issue.

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