Proquip Rain Gear Review

Waterproof Golf Jacket & Pants for Men & Women

Posted by Jess

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I used to make fun of my parents when they first learned how to golf. They were like the Postal Service of the links. Through rain, sleet, snow, or hail, they would get those clubs... and flail. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Seriously, though, they would golf in any weather. It led to the purchase of all kinds of gear -- winter gloves, hand warmers, special hats, and umbrellas by the score.

I used to make fun of them (past tense) because I do the same thing. I get the time and the cash in hand, and baby, you can’t keep me away from the course. No matter what. I have been known to play golf in thick fog and snow -- just to be out there. Guess what? If I had the right gear, it actually would have been more enjoyable.

Proquip rain gear is nice for this dedication. 3 years of a waterproof guarantee? Love it. It’s awkward to wear, sure, and not like your normal slacks and polo shirts -- or even like the light windbreaker that you yank out of the bag in the mornings -- but man do you stay dry. No only do they have a good selection of styles, but almost every type of pants and jackets have cool little pockets and nooks for your golf gear. They really think this gear through, and it makes hardcore players like my parents. Or me.

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