ProActive Golf Tees, Flexible Pronged

Long Distance, More Yards

Posted by Robert

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ProActive Golf Tees, Flexible Pronged No, this is not a dart for your blow gun! This is a golf tee. This revolutionary design is intended to reduce resistance, thus giving you more distance. This tee is "the only tee proven in both robotic and field tests to improve distance." Wow, so a robot likes these tees better than the traditional wood tees.

Maybe he should write this review…

"I am Golf-Bot. I hit ball on wood tee. Ball go far. I hit ball on ProActive Sport Golf Tee. Ball go farther than John Daly on moon. Get it? Golf-Bot tell joke. Ha Ha Ha."

See it's not that easy, Golf-Bot. (My job is safe for now.)

These tees are gimmicky. I'm not saying they won't give you a few more yards of distance, but it's negotiable, and you should be more concerned with your short game anyway.

A product I do like is the Epoch Tee. This tee isn't so crazy-looking and is actually used on the PGA Tour.

Another alternative to those traditional tees, I do like the Flex Tee. It's a bit soft, and you have to put it into the ground without the ball, but it doesn't fly very far (which makes it easier to find).

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