PowerBilt Mens Fairway Wood Golf Club

Air Force One w/ Nitrogen Large Face

Posted by Robert

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Powerbilt Mens Fairway Wood Golf Club Uses for nitrogen: light bulbs, explosives, laughing gas... and now, golf clubs.

This PowerBilt Air Force One Fairway Wood is jacked up with nitrogen. It's true. By using this safe and stable gas, the internal pressure (which can be as high as 150 PSI) will support the face without using any mechanical bracing. No bracing means the clubhead is much thinner than the norm with a considerable amount of energy transfer across the entire face. In other words, the huge sweet spot of the face extends from edge to edge, subsequently providing for a tremendous COR trampoline effect anywhere the ball is struck on the face.

The shape of the head is a little bit bigger than your traditional fairway wood, making it geared towards mid to higher handicappers who are looking for confidence and forgiveness. This club will give you more distance, and you may want to swing it on the tee box if you are struggling with your driver.

Nitrogen -- who would've "thunk" it?   Such a versatile chemical. I recommend this nitrogen-infused fairway wood for anybody looking to shine a new light on their game (like a light bulb) and give them some explosive distance, which will result in laughing all the way down the fairway.

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