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PowerBilt Air Force One Anybody remember that movie Real Genius with Val Kilmer? There's a great scene where Val pulls out a thermos full of liquid nitrogen that houses a column of dry ice. His character, being a super genius, cuts a sliver of the dry ice in the exact shape and size of a quarter, and in turn he uses it to buy a Coke out of the Coke machine.

The geniuses at PowerBilt Golf have come up with an even better use for nitrogen (in the gaseous form that is, not the liquid). They've infused a driver head with it. It's true. The Air Force One Men's Geometric Driver is super-charged with compressed nitrogen.

"Why would they do this," you ask? By using this safe and stable gas, the internal pressure which can be as high as 150 PSI will support the face without using any mechanical bracing. Thus, the clubhead is much thinner than the norm with a considerable amount of energy transfer across the entire face. In other words, the huge sweet spot of the face extends from edge to edge subsequently providing for a tremendous "COR" trampoline effect anywhere the ball is struck on the face.

I like this club. It has a good look at set up, is easy to swing, and the ball leaps off of the clubface. I'd recommend this particular model for golfers who have a fast swing speed, but aren't consistent off of the tee.

The coolest thing about this club is that PowerBilt offers a range of thicknesses of the clubface. This particular model has the "X-Stiff" shaft with the 2.88mm clubface. This is designed for swing speeds of around 100 mph and higher. If you have a swing speed between 80-95, go with the R shaft with the 2.6mm face. If your swing is slower than that, they even offer drivers with A-senior or L-women flexes with a 2.4mm club face.

Finally, as I'm not a big fan of square-head drivers, I'd probably go with the Air Force One Player model (linked below). It's the same club with a more traditional clubhead for players who are more consistent and like to work the ball a little more. In contrast, this Geometric model will have a higher ball trajectory with a little more forgiveness.

Who would've "thunk" it... Nitrogen golf clubs? Certainly not Val Kilmer's character in Real Genius. Too bad he was more interested in getting a free Coca Cola than hitting a golf ball into the stratosphere.

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