Pixma Magnetic Golf Tee w/ Anchor Peg

Plastic Zero Friction Unbreakable

Posted by Robert

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Pixma Magnetic Golf Tee w/ Anchor Peg This permanent golf tee is magnetic. I like the concept, but when I put it in my pocket, all of my darn ball markers keep sticking to it!

I must give this product credit because it's the first permanent tee that I reviewed where they actually just sell you one tee. I keep asking the question, "If you can't break, it then why do I have to buy so many.?" Of course, the obvious answer is because you lose it when you hit it. But the ingeniousĀ inventorsĀ of this product have designed an anchor for the tee, thus don't you worry about it taking off after your ball.

Forget the anchor -- why don't they just make the string long enough to tie to your golf shoe? Then you don't have to worry about fishing around for it in your pocket. (I know -- I'm brilliant.)

This product is goofy. I would only recommend it for novelty purposes. I will admit it makes a good conversation piece, but most of the conversation will be from your golf buddies making fun of you.

If you are looking for a permanent tee because you want to save the planet or you're just tired of carrying around 20 tees in your pocket, check out the Flex Tee. This tee is lightweight so it doesn't fly that far and also gives you a consistent tee height every time.

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