Ping G15 Hybrid Review

Offset Perimeter Weighted Brushed Stainless w/ Reg or Stiff Flex Shaft

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Hybrid (hy'-brid) n. 1. that which is created from two or more other types.

In golf, a hybrid is the combination of an "iron" and a "wood" (though rarely actual wood these days). The goal: to produce a club that has the best characteristics of each -- the length of the wood and the accuracy of the iron.

In the G15 Hybrid, Ping has created an entire family of hybrids to fit nearly every golfer's need. Offered in either left or right-hand orientation and in lofts of 17, 20, 23, 27, and 31 degrees, that alone is a great start. Now add a shaft choice of the Ping TFC 149H (a lightweight graphite shaft engineered specifically for the hybrid club with high launch properties) or choose the Aldila Serrano 85 (another premium graphite shaft from Aldila with a slightly lower launch angle, perhaps for the better player). Both shafts can be fitted in either Regular or Stiff flex.

The Ping G15 has the same physical look as the other G15 series: a brushed stainless soleplate with dark red and black markings, offset with a dark graphite grey topside. Unlike many hybrids, this version looks more like an iron at address. For many, this simple feature alone will produce a higher level of confidence swinging the club.

There is a large internal "toe pad" which Ping claims improves and increases the perimeter weighting, making this one of the largest sweet spot clubs in the category. With a significantly offset hosel, to get the ball airborne quicker and easier, this club (depending on the loft you chose) could replace anything from a 2-iron to a 6-iron in your bag. My experience with large offsets has just the opposite effect, however, and it's important you try this club alongside not just what you want to replace, but other hybrids as well.

There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" replacement, so don't be afraid to experiment and find the club (or clubs) that are right for your game.

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