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Wood Orange Unbreakable

Posted by Robert

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PGA European Tour Golf Tees These tees are completely unbreakable! Holy cow! If only the back bumper of my truck were made out this stuff, I could've saved a lot of money in insurance.

These bad boys are big on the European tour. They are made in Germany. They look like wood, they smell like wood -- they even taste like wood!

I am certain that this will be the absolute last tee you will every buy. Hang on, let me see, how much it is to buy just one? Breaking News… This just in: You can't buy just one. You have to buy ten. Why do I have to buy ten of the last tee I will ever buy?

I actually know the answer to this. These tees fly a long way (and they also bend). You better put some type of radar detector on these things, because at $33 a set, you might find yourself (along with your playing partners) spending more time looking for your tee than your golf ball.

I'm not a big fan of these tees, but I do like Epoch tees. These are big on the PGA Tour and will actually give you more distance with your driver.

Another alternative to the traditional tees, I like these Flex Tees. The tees are lighter than your typical tee, and thus don't fly as far so you can find them.

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