PGA Epoch Golf Ball Tees, White Evolve

Driver Long Distance, Set of 50

Posted by Robert

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PGA Epoch Golf Ball Tees, White Evolve I usually make fun of these gimmicky tees, but this one is legit. I never believe the ads, and I always do the research -- and this one holds up. This Epoch tee was introduced on the PGA tour in 2004, and since then has accumulated 125 wins on tour. What's more is that Evolve Golf, the makers of Epoch, does not pay any player to use the product.

The way it works: The Epoch tee has 93% less surface contact with the ball than your traditional wood tee. The tee comes into contact with only the exoskeleton of the ball. This reduces resistance and deflection that can come from wood tees. The company says your drives "will be 3 to 7 yards longer and 4 to 9 yards straighter than wood tees."

Furthermore, these tees last longer than the traditional tees -- 3 times longer! Thus, you can feel good about your golf game as it has just become greener. Look at you, saving the planet one tee at a time.

The tees aren't that pricey either. I would recommend these tees to all levels of golfers.

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