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Posted by Jess

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Nixon Score Ugly and functional. Like a 1983 Ford F150 Pickup. The kind that you use to haul your garbage to the dump, but wouldn't pick up your date in. Even with a new vanilla-scented tree hanging from the cracked rear-view mirror.

This watch is really not attractive at all. Even in gold. Even in black, for goodness sake. Nixon is a company that is pretty well known for their sporty watches -- watches that also lean toward style in some models.

Not really in this one. Does it tell time? Yes. Does it have little dials to keep score for you and a partner during a challenging hole? Yes. Do we sometimes need the ability for a score dial to go all the way up to a 9? Ye...No comment.

However, it also doesn't have a chronograph, I didn't see any backlight or alarm functions, and it isn't waterproof. (Not that I would need to plunge my hand into the water to retrieve a Callaway ball on that stupid hole #8 which always makes me so mad...) Not waterproof. And U-G-L-Y.

Sorry Nixon, the '83 truck will continue my trips to the dump, but when it's time to roll in style, the Ford stays home. In other words, if I want a watch to wear golfing, I probably won't choose ugly functionality. Even if it does keep my score. Maybe I'll try one of these other brands I saw the pros wear... Tag something. Yeah, or Rolex like the commercials. I wonder how much those are?

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