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Nike Pounce Sunglasses Here's a cool sporty pair of sunglasses brought to you by Nike that you may want to add to your precious golf arsenal. These glasses are both stylish and functional.

The Nike Pounce Sunglasses are perfect for the golfer because they have that wrap-around style and they grip your head for stability when you are swinging the golf club. The lenses are polycarbonate which are scratch and impact-resistant. (So if you get drilled in the melon by a golf ball -- no worries.) Finally, they have the Nike Max RX which provides for "wide angle precision optics for prescription lenses." I think this means you can get these glasses with your specific prescription in it. (Please consult your doctor.)

I like these sunglasses, and they are perfect glasses for playing golf. They are very similar to the Nike Revolve Sunglasses, only these lenses are slightly larger and rounder. Both pairs fit like a glove and are great for all sports, not just golf.

Another pair of shades that I really like are the Callaway C400-GN Collection Series Sunglasses. These are aviator-style sunglasses designed for the golfer. They are not nearly as sporty as the Nike sunglasses, but they are more stylish and trendy.

Whichever pair you go with, they will be a valuable addition to your golf game.

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