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Nike Men's Croco Overlay Belt Okay so Tiger Woods is the best golfer ever. He's also probably the most talented athlete of his sport, and one of the most recognized and respected human beings on the planet. So what? This still is an ugly belt, and I'm not wearing it.

The Nike Golf Tiger Woods Men's Croco Overlay Leather Belt is a two-tone black and brown. (Yuck!) The brown interior is a hand-stitched Italian lux croco overlay. (This is a fancy way of saying some "Jackamo" spent a long time trying to make this belt look like it was made of crocodile.) The square buckle (which I believe was all the rage in the '80s) is a brushed finish with a laser Tiger Woods logo on the matching loop. The belt comes with Nike's G-Flex stretch insert, so I'll need to pull that much harder to strangle myself with it, rather than wear it!

If you want to buy a stylish Tiger Woods belt with the croco style and the Nike G-Flex, check out the Nike Golf Tiger Woods Men's Croco Leather Belt with Laser Etched Hardware. It's a good-looking brown belt that will complement your fashionable golf wardrobe.

Sorry Tiger, I know you're talented and all, but even if wearing this belt means that I would have the exact same golf swing as you -- well then, of course I would wear it. (Tricked ya, huh? C'mon, I'm not crazy!)

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