Nike SQ Dymo Driver Review

Str8-Fit Club, Adjustable Dynamic MOI

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Nike DYMO² Str8-Fit Driver Club Check out this DYMO² Str8-Fit Driver... Dymo stands for "Dynamic MOI" and the STR8-FIT technology is an adjustable fitting system that gives you eight different clubface lie angles.

Let's start with the MOI. This driver has a rear "PowerBow" which gets thicker as the loft increases from 8.5 degrees to a high lofted 14.5 degrees. Thus, more mass is shifted back and towards the heel side, giving the driver an added draw bias as the loft goes up. What's more is the higher lofts have a shallower face height, a more closed face angle, and a more upright lie angle. These all help you square the clubface at impact.

The real claim to fame of this club is the Str8-Fit adjustable fitting system. It is comprised of a specially designed shaft adapter and a hosel system. It works like this: the shaft adapter and hosel tilt 2 degrees off axis which leads to eight possible lie angles. Nike tests show that eight different settings produce up to 45 yard of directional difference.

Seems to me it's like having eight drivers in one. It's pretty easy to adjust as well. It comes with a wrench; just make sure you read the manual carefully and you will have no problems adjusting to your preference. If you tend to slice, simply adjust the face into one of three closed positions. And if you hook, go with one of three open positions.

I would recommend this driver for all levels of golfers. The only drawback, with the combination of the high MOI and the adjustable clubhead -- it is very difficult to blame this club when you hit the ball into the woods.

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