Nike Dunk NG Golf Shoe

Men’s Sport Golfing Sneakers w/ Soft Spikes

Posted by Robert

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Why do I get the feeling Michael Jordan is behind these Nike Dunks? These are not your grandfather’s golf shoes!

The days of humping around the links in stiff, heavy leather golf shoes are over. I remember having to tape up my feet because they were so badly blistered from trying to “break in” my shoes.

But in recent years, golf shoe designers have taken a page from the running shoe guys. Shoes like the Adidas FitRX Sports and the Nike Air Zoom Elite look like track shoes with spikes added to the bottoms.

Now, with the dawn of these Dunks, the geniuses at Nike are turning your local golf club into a basketball court. (Anybody care for a game of H-O-R-S-E?) These kicks are a low profile basketball shoe with an “old-school” look. The only difference is the shoes have soft spikes in the very bottom.

I think this is a great idea. I am a huge fan of breathable, comfortable golf shoes especially on hot summer days when I am on my feet for 4+ hours. My favorite thing about the shoes are all the colorful choices. Celtics fans will want to go with the green, while you more conservative types will choose the grey. They even have two different designs that would excite North Carolina Tar Heel fans: the Soaring Black and the Midnight Fog. (Hmmmm, M.J., come out wherever you are.)

The only thing I would warn is: don’t expect these shoes to be waterproof. Leave them in the closet on those “mudder” days and stick with your Dry Joys. But of course that goes without saying, because you won’t want to get your Dunks dirty. Reserve them for the days when it’s warm enough to match them with your Tar Heel’s basketball polo. And please leave the tank top at home.

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