Nickent PIPE Weighted Perimiter Putter

Flare Tip Blade

Posted by Robert

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Nickent PIPE Weighted Perimiter Putter Putters, putters, and more putters... holy cow, there are a lot of putters out there! This one is the Nickent Pipe Putter with a Flare Tip Blade.

This putter interested me because I'm a big fan of the blade style putter, but I will occasionally switch to the mallet style. It looks like Nickent tried to meet me halfway. Hey thanks, Nickent.

PIPE actually stands for Putting Inline Performance Enhancement. This is "a USGA conforming technology that combines three-dimensional capabilities with the most extreme perimeter weighted putter allowed by physics to deliver a club that allows the ball to roll true, straight, and directly where you've aimed." Well, la-tee-dah!

I guess it's actually supposed to be a double meaning, as the "pipe" looking thing affixed to the back end of the blade is also supposed to help you line up your putts.

I like this putter because the pipe section is small and I can still get the feel a blade style putter, but with some of the advantages of a mallet like the high MOI. The three-dimensional pipe on the back is easy to line up directly on the golf ball and stroke through square.

My only beef is: as usual, when club makers give you a "mallet type" putter, they always scrap the line on top. I would still like a line or a dot on top for an additional alignment aid. Is this too much to ask?

Okay, bring on the next putter. I'm ready.

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