Nickent Lady 3DX Ironwood Club

Womens Hybrid Weighted High MOI

Posted by Jess

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Nickent Lady 3DX Ironwood Club Now I need to be clear. No, I mean really clear. Like crystal, ok? I realize you have seen me hitting from the ladies' tee before, but if I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times:

I'm hitting my second shot!

Leave me alone, and stop with the jokes. Yes, I have mens' clubs. No, I don't hit Pink Lady golf balls. Yes, I'm a member of the men's club. No, I've never played in the Olive Oil tournament. And I'll leave my pants on for the remainder of the hole, thank you very much.

And finally, no -- I've never hit this club. But it is a Nickent, and it does have some nice technology. It really is a perfectly-weighted club. For a hybrid, this Nickent Lady 3DX Ironwood DC boasts one of the most heavily heel/toe weighted clubs I've seen in a long time. This truly adds to the fact that it is very forgiving. It's very close to the same shape as the Tour favorite 3DX Ironwood, but increases the MOI by 25%.

While being weighted for forgiveness, it's not bulky and doesn't look awkward. The hybrid system really allows for a woman golfer to attain as much distance as possible, and still maintain some control. The best part for the ladies? No distance gaps. No more questioning what club the hybrid is supposed to replace.

Now if you'll excuse me, ma'am, I would kindly ask you to step away from the red boxes while I hit my third shot...

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