Nickent 4DX Fairway Wood Club

Brazing Steel Titanium Crown

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Nickent 4DX Fairway Wood ClubAttention golf geeks: Have you heard of Nickent Golf's patented brazing technology? Well un-tuck that dry fit, pull up those trousers, and turn your textbooks to chapter three...

Brazing technology is an innovation that fuses steel and titanium without using epoxy. To make the 4DX Fairway Wood, Nickent took a .4 mm titanium crown, which weighs 5 times less than steel, and brazed it with 17-4 stainless steel. Thus they considerably raised the MOI and gave the face a larger sweet spot.

In addition, by using the titanium crown, Nickent was able to add their XW inserts. The XW inserts provide 16 grams of weight to be adjusted in 2-gram increments for directional control and swing weight purposes without using bulky screws.

Isn't learning fun? ZZZZzzzzz...

Alright wake up, kids! Let's get to the good stuff. The titanium face is hot and makes the ball jump like a cat on a hot tin roof. The larger sweet spot and high MOI helps the ball fly off of the club face and go very straight. Consequently, you won't need to have (Nickent's poster boy) Jeff Quinney's swing to reap the benefits of this well-mastered club.

The Nickent 4DX Fairway Wood is a good-looking club with a typical shape at address, all black with only an ‘N' for alignment. The sole has these green inserts, very cool-looking especially ‘if ya gawt uh wee bit of Irish in ya.'

With the club being 177cc's, I like it because it is big enough to use as a driver on tight holes, but still small enough to hit off the deck with confidence.

On the downside, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this club for low handicappers. I like a little more workability in my fairway clubs, and thus would stick with my traditional Titleist fairway wood. That being said, I like the club and I think Nickent brazing technology is pretty impressive stuff. You may now close your textbooks.

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