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Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Putter ‘Scuze me? I thought Voodoo Daddy was a band. You know that song. (C'mon, sing it with me.) "Go Daddy-Oh... Go Go!"

It turns out it's the name of a putter too, made by Never Compromise. Never Compromise is a powerhouse putter manufacturer that has PGA Pro's Vijay Singh as their poster boy.

They make a great product too, and this putter is their pride and joy. Besides all the typical features you find in a mallet putter like a high MOI and a large hitting area, Never Compromise has added stabilizer bars to the toe and heel while adding more distance from the face to the back. This making this Voodoo putter a "state of the art" putter that has the lowest center of gravity of any putter that Never Compromise makes.

This is a beautiful putter with an incredible feel, and I have to give major props to Never Compromise for putting a line on the Voodoo Daddy. My major beef with most mallet putters is they never have a line or dot on top of the putter for alignment.

Vijay Singh apparently appreciates it too, as he used one of Never Compromise's putters to win the Chevron World Challenge last year. As he walked off of the green I could have swore I heard him singing "Go Daddy Oh..."

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