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Custom Golf Art, Engraved Alignment Sight Line

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Unique in the putter world, Musty Putters are made exclusively from wood. But, not just any wood -- choose from options like: Tigerwood, Cocobolo, or Bloodwood. To say these putters are beautiful is, well, an understatement. The Musty putter is nearly a work of art. Being made from natural wood material ensures that no two putters are exactly alike. And unique? Not just the fact the next guy's doesn't look like yours, the next guy has probably never even heard of them, much less does he have one in his bag. Musty offers a custom-made putter starting with the length of the shaft, then grip; move on to the head style (of which there six), then select the wood, and wrap up with the engraving (a name line is included, but logos can be added too). Of course there are upgrades where you can add other woods, special sight lines, and more.

While this is a putter that would seem to be "more for show and less for roll," there appears to be some solid engineering here as well. With a patented inertia-based weighting system, Musty putters move the CG (Center-of-Gravity) higher in the head than traditional putters. This higher CG, Musty claims, allows for the golfer to put a true roll on the ball and eliminate the skid that is imparted on the ball with other putters. Finally, by having a large "beater bar" -- the central piece of wood in the putter head where the ball is struck -- Musty putters are said to have a large, soft sweet spot.

If you like to have the best of something, or the most unique of something, or simply enjoy owning a beautiful object, the Musty putter should satisfy any -- if not all -- of those cravings.

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