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Momentus Power Hitter Driver I usually don't really listen too much to guys with nicknames like "The Beast." Well, that is, unless I am alone in a dark alley with him. In that case, I'm all ears.

Here's another case where I might have to tune in. The "Beast" who I'm referring to here is World Long Driving Champion Sean "The Beast" Fister, and he's touting the Momentus Power Hitter Driver. This is a specially-weighted driver that is designed to teach you to hit the ball longer and straighter.

The concept is all in the "proven shaft weighting technology." Basically they've added weight to a driver and evenly dispersed it throughout the shaft of the golf club. Swinging this weighted driver is supposed help you to swing more on plane while building golf muscles.

Does it work? You bet your bippy it does. I believe it was the legendary golf teacher Harvey Penick (who wrote The Little Red Book) who said, "The best way to build golf muscles is to swing a heavy stick." This is the heavy stick that you want to swing. Swing this club for twenty or so minutes and you will definitely feel it. It's also a great way to get loose before a round.

What I like best about this club is that I can hit balls with it. I'm not big on swing trainers that you can't hit a ball with. That's not the case with the Power Hitter Driver. Go ahead and tee it up and take some wacks. Not only will it build strength, but you will be forced to get your body more involved while eliminating those "wristy" arm swings.

I am going to listen to "The Beast" this time. I am just glad I discovered this on the driving range, and not in a dark alley.

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