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Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can | High Spin Groove

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Men's Titleist Wedge Club I try not to drool when reviewing a product, but this one has me toweling off my keyboard. This isn't just a golf club; it's a work of art.

Where do I start? The Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can Wedge could impart spin on a bowling ball. This club will really grip your golf ball. The square grooves on this Vokey Wedge are actually being outlawed on the PGA Tour next year, but don't worry -- they are perfectly legal by the USGA.

The beautiful oil can finish is designed to wear over time and provides for a soft feel of a raw wedge. This is a club you will have in your bag for a long time.

I really love this club for those touch shots around the green. With a little practice, you will perfect those low checking chip shots. You know the ones -- the one-hoppers that stop on a dime.

On the down side, the grooves are almost too sharp as they will actually put scuff marks on your golf ball. When I got mine, I banged away at some balls on the range to try and dull them down, but it didn't really help.

All drooling aside, this is one of my favorite golf clubs. I think when the day comes to retire it, I will hang it on the wall next to my autographed picture of Captain Kangaroo and my "Dogs Playing Poker" painting.

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