Men’s Golf Saddle Shoe Slippers

Non Skid Moccassin, Black & White Kilty

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Men's Golf Saddle Shoe Slippers And you thought you were the biggest golf dork on the block already. Nope, not until you go out and fetch the morning paper sporting these bad boys. They are golf shoes for your bedroom. "Fore!"

Get this: They even have skid proof "cleats" on the bottom. Finally! I can't tell you how many times I've been practicing my golf swing in the kitchen on the hardwood floor, only to lose my footing. It's about time somebody manufactured a bedroom slipper for those of us who practice in our kitchen driving ranges and on our living room carpet practice greens. (By the way, if you are lucky enough to have somebody that cohabitates with you, be careful they are not in one of those "moods" when you are chipping baked potatoes over the couch.)

These slippers are soft, padded, and very comfortable. They feature embroidered kilty. (Does anybody know what embroidered kilty is? Please email me!) I'm just kidding -- this of course is the flap that hangs over the laces, just like real dorky golf shoes.

These are a great gift item for Dad or that golfer in your family. In addition, check out these BedHead Men's Golf Pajamas. They make a great compliment to these lovely golf slippers, and no self-respecting golf dork would wear one without the other.

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