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Nike Air Zoom Elite | Scorpion Stinger Spikes

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Men’s Golf Shoe The Nike Air Zoom Elite Golf Shoe is a stylish, sleek-looking shoe that looks complex, but does it perform as well as it looks? Let's take a look inside to find out.

The first thing you'll probably notice is the Zoom Air unit in the heel, designed to add comfort and cushion to the shoe. While it's a nice addition and certainly makes the shoe look much more high tech, these generally provide about as much cushion as a neoprene sole would, but at a steep price increase. Functionally, it's not worth it. However, if you're willing to pay extra for a fancy-looking shoe, this addition will be appreciated.

Unlike the cheaper Nike shoes however, these come with a set of SoftSpikes Scorpion Stinger spikes installed, rather than the flimsy stock spikes. These tend to last a lot longer, give you superior grip, and will save you money on replacements in the long run.

The last special feature worth mentioning on this particular shoe is the way it's designed to mold to your foot. A motion control system called the Nike Power Channel is built into the sole to provide for a smoother, more powerful swing motion. It also includes a full-length Poron sock liner that will provide a more form-fitting mold to your foot and breathability.

Altogether, the Nike Zoom Air Elite is a solid golf shoe. It's not cheaply designed, but at the same time there are relatively useless features that you end up paying more for in the end. However, if style and features are a priority to you, this shoe won't disappoint.

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