Medicus eDatacoach Golf Training Calculator w/ Institute Membership

Posted by Robert

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Medicus eDatacoach Golf TrainingE = MC^2... with E equaling Every dollar I've spent on stuff to improve my golf game, M being My lack of improvement, and C squared equaling I Certainly Can't afford another expensive gimmicky golf gadget.

The Medicus eDatacoach is another one of these golf gadgets that is going to store your rounds and keep track of all your statistics. You take it out with you, enter your score, enter if you hit the fairway or not, enter in if you hit the green, enter in what color boxer shorts you were wearing that day, etc. When you get home, simply upload it all on to your home computer, and Medicus eDatacoach is going to tell you what you've been doing wrong.

Except, you know what? Something tells me you already know what you're doing wrong. You can't get it out of that darn greenside bunker, or your driver is going high and right. Or you 3 putt every green. Seriously folks, if you're a low handicapper, then you already know how to keep track of your stats on the score card with a pencil -- and if you're a high handicapper, then perhaps you don't play enough to care to track your stats. You'd rather keep track of how much you paid the beer girl, instead.

This product comes with a free membership to the Medicus Golf Institute which I do like. The site is very snazzy and chock-full of cool stuff to help you improve your golf game. You can even receive personal online instruction.

That being said, if you are looking at this product because you'd like to make the transition to keeping better track of your stats, then let me help you out. The next round you play, just use the score card and these helpful hints: If you hit a fairway in regulation, put a dot in the box where you record the score for that hole. If you hit the green, make a triangle. If you get up and down, put a check in the box, and add an ‘S' if the up and down was from the sand trap. Finally, in the box below your score for each hole, record how many putts it took you to hole out. Wow kids, looky there… you are your own datacoach and it didn't cost you a dime. Feel free to send me the $70 at P.O. Box 9999, Rob's A Genius Lane, Portland, OR 97214.

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