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Linksman Golf Set w/ Carry Bag OK, we can learn something from Mr. Woods.

No, not Tiger. Earl. Mister Woods.

If we want our kids to really take care of us in our waning years, buy them clubs at age two and get them swinging. Am I right?

Look at this little set. Linksman Golf 2-4 year old set with Carry Bag. Even though it may be against all of our natures, you just look at the little high-lofted driver, 7 iron, and putter and you just have to say, "Awwww." Then you see that each one has graphite shafts and you do it all over again. "Awwww!" This set is priced well, and as far as Linksman as a name -- this is simply for a very young person to learn how to swing. No Nike or Callaways needed here unless you really care about name brands. For me, it's about seeing if the youngster loves the game and encouraging them if they do! We've all seen what happens when they start young...

It also comes with 10 tees and 6 practice balls, and of course the funniest part of all -- the "carry bag." Right. This thing is designed for kids 2'6" to 3'4". Who is really going to be carrying this thing? That's right. Dad or Mom. But carry the clubs now so they can carry the retirement later, I say. All you might need is a miniature green jacket. You know, just for practice.

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