Jimenez’s Hilarious Stretching Routine – Do This Before Every Round!

Posted by Robert on Jul 15

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After two days, Miguel Angel Jimenez (age 47 and 21-time winner) is only one shot from the lead at the 2011 British Open (trailing Darren Clark and Lucas Glover).  After watching this video you will understand why.   Miguel is a well-trained athlete and as flexible as Nastia Liukin.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a teensy bit, but perhaps if Tiger Woods had this pre-round routine then he wouldn’t be laid up in bed with a busted knee and Achilles tendon watching ESPN with the rest of us.

Jimenez 75 Second Warm-up

Step 1 – The Aficionado: Grab a stogy and a couple of golf clubs.  (Warning:  Don’t light the stogy until you have tried this routine a few times or you might set yourself on fire.)

Step 2 – The Jennie Finch (core, shoulders, back, hands, and arms): Pop the stogy in your mouth and swing the clubs around your body like an on-deck baseball player swinging a baseball bat. (Or in Jimenez’s case, a girl’s softball bat.)

Step 3 – The Silverback (knees, calves, quads, and hamstrings): Stand the clubs in front of you for support and with a wide stance, perform a deep knee bend and hold it.  (Imagine a silverback gorilla preparing for a brawl with a rival male.)

Step 4 – The Downhill Skier (knees, quads, and Achilles): With your knees and feet together like a downhill skier, twirl your knees in a circle as if it’s your last attempt to save a hula-hoop that has fallen from your hips.  Reverse, rinse and repeat.

Step 5 – The Calf Roper: (calves and Achilles): This one takes some adept balance.  Place one foot in front of the other and hook your toe with the end of your 9-iron – and pull up.  MMMM, feel the stretch, switch feet.

Step 6 – The Jennie Finch Remix (See Step 2): At anytime you forget a move, just go back to the Jennie Finch until you remember the next one.

Step 7 – The Baton Twirl (wrists, bicep, triceps, and shoulder)Hold both clubs in front of your chest in one arm outstretched.  Twirl the clubs like you’re front and center in the Grambling Marching Band.  (Notice how Jimenez doesn’t lose his composure when the clubs split apart.)  Switch hands – repeat.

Step 8 – The Peeping Tom (core, back, and just about everything else) - In one hand hold the clubs over your head and behind your back.  Reach behind your waist with the other hand and grab hold.  Slowly lean to the right, like you are trying to peak around a closed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.  Rise up and lean to the left.  Switch hands and repeat.

All joking aside, Miguel is one of the coolest characters on the tour, and I’d be thrilled if he won his first major this week and showed up those young whippersnappers. (His best finish was a 2nd in the 2000 US Open.)  And although it looks funny, this really is a good pre-round stretch. However, I’d recommend going a little slower and adding about 5-10 minutes onto this routine.


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