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Natural Wood, White | 500 Pack 2 3/4 Inch

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Intech Golf Tees I used to be a tee-scrounger. You know, the guy who celebrates at the tee box when he finds someone else's discarded (yet fully functional) tee. Not sure what I was thinking, but I guess I hadn't heard that you can find tees for about two cents apiece. But then, out of the blue, the kids gave me a bag of five hundred in my stocking last holiday season.

Tee scrounger no more, now I'm the guy breaking out a new one without a care in the world. And it feels great! Crack one in half? No problem. Lose one in the cabbage? Doesn't bother me a bit. Lucky tee no longer so lucky? Move on.

The Intech bag featured here contains five hundred tees, each 2.75 inches long. Those are long enough for use with the largest of the oversized drivers. I don't care much about the color, but in this case they're an unpainted, natural wood color. They also come in white. Though not "indestructible," they are reasonably strong. And at just under ten bucks for a ton of tees, they're quite a value.

If you're looking for the sturdiest tees, and are willing to spend a bit more, check out the "Unbreakable Golf Tees" featured elsewhere. But the Intech tees certainly seem to fill a sweet spot of value, size, and sturdiness.

Now if only the kids would get me a case of my favorite golf balls...

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