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Negotiable Golf Swing by Joseph Laurentino, Hardcover

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Improve Your Golf Game A buddy of mine, Brian and I were at the range the other day. "I hate golf," he says. "I'm so frustrated with my swing."

"You should take a lesson from a pro, "I replied.

"No way -- they are going to change my whole swing! I'm not going there."

This is the fear of a lot of us golfers. Brian, by the way, is self-taught. If you watched him swing, you'd wager your paycheck that you could beat him. Save your money, friends, because this guy shoots in the 70s consistently, and I've lost more money to him then I care to remember.

This book, "The Negotiable Golf Swing: How to Improve Your Game Without Picture-Perfect Form," is for guys like Brian. It will teach you to watch your ball flight and understand what caused your ball to slice or hook. It will help you make adjustments and fix your problems without trying to teach you to swing like Tiger Woods.

I recommend this book for you intermediate to better golfers that have a good handle on the game of golf but need to tweak some things to get to the next level.

However, if you're one of those guys who wants to emulate Tiger and have a picture perfect swing, check out: "Swing Like a Pro." This is the golf swing taught based on a computer model of 100 of the world's best golf swings.

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