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Lake Hazard Tool 6 Foot

Posted by Robert

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Igotcha Ball Return Retriever How we all dread coming to that hole where we have to suck it up and hit a golf shot. There's no bailout. It's a long carry over a lake. You're going to need confidence to tee it up and swing away. And what better way to instill confidence then to have a 6-foot ball retriever? (I guess the answer would be a 12-foot ball retriever.)

To be honest, I've never actually had one of these in my golf bag before, but that doesn't mean I haven't used one. Many times I've played with gentlemen that don't lie to themselves nearly as much as I do about how good they are. The coolest thing about these guys is that they can't wait to fish my ball out of the creek and give it back to me. I'm not really sure if they are just being genuinely nice, or they are coyly saying "Here's your ball hotshot, try to keep it dry next time (ya punk!)"

So here's to those of you out there that enjoy fishing the balls out of the water almost as much as you enjoy hitting it stiff. One thing I've noticed, though, is you guys seldom are fishing your own balls out with these ball retrievers. Must be the extra confidence.

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