Honma Beres Driver TW914

Japanese Golf Club Handmade Graphite Shaft, Heavy Tungsten Weights

Posted by Robert

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Honma Beres Driver TW914

I like this TW914 the best of all the Honma drivers that I’ve reviewed.  It more closely resembles the golf clubs that I’ve seen on the PGA Tour.  I really the black clubhead, and the sound it makes at impact is “Tour Quality.”

It is designed for players with fast swing speeds, but I think all levels of golfers will benefit.  One reason is because they raised the height of the toe and heel near the face.  This gives you a bigger sweet spot and an optimized trajectory.

Tungsten weights have been added to the sole to raise the MOI and lower the CG.  Tungsten is twice as heavy as steel.  This reminds me of the Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3 Driver that also uses tungsten for the same purpose.  (Incidentally, you can buy five XCG-3 drivers for what this driver costs.)

It is the shaft that sets Honma Beres clubs apart.  They are very unique because they are hand-crafted.  They can hold their own with all the top-of-the-line shafts.  This driver has a star rating of 2 (out of 5).  The rating measures the percentage of carbon particles in the shaft vs. the percentage of rubber.  More carbon provides for a quicker rebound during your swing with more consistency.  This in turn will transfer more energy to your golf ball.

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