Honma Beres Mallet Putter

Milled Handmade Gold Professional Club PP-002

Posted by Sharon

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What?  You’ve never seen a putter worth $5,000?  Well, have you ever seen one that was blessed by the Dali Lama?  I haven’t, either.  But I’m thinking it should be, at least before I take out a mortgage on my house to buy it.

I’m guessing that you will be seeing more and more of the Honma brand over here in the U.S.  Already in Japan, it is very popular.  Rich businessmen use these clubs as gifts and incentives for their employees.  And lately, Honma has moved away from their focus on making luxurious ornaments for the rich and famous and concentrated on building higher performance equipment.

The PP on this putter stands for Professional Player series, and it is their top-of-the-line model with a great combination of feel and performance.  It is forged, milled steel that has a laser-carved 304 stainless steel insert.

The putter is more than just a trophy.  I would certainly love putting with it.  I like the look of the mallet, which would be easy to line up with the alignment aid and very forgiving on slightly off-center hits.  Just don’t go breaking it over your knee in anger when you miss that 3-foot putt.

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