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Mallet Grooved Two Bar

Posted by Jess

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guerin rife putter two barWhat did you do on your lunch break today? I looked at putters. A small golf shop is just down the road from my work and I couldn't help it. Something drew me. Like destiny.

So I took my entire lunch hour and putted and putted and putted. It was the best lunch I've had in a long time. I tried several from Scotty Camerons (wow, those are spendy) to some good old fashioned Pings. I can't see what the fuss is about Odysseys -- they felt funny to me. One that stood out to me was this Rife putter. Normally I actually hate mallet putters. I didn't like the Zebras or the other square-looking things that are so popular now. By the way... what is with this square stuff? Anyway, the Guerin Rife putter felt really good. Solid. Heavy, but only enough to feel a very nice pendulum at the putter stroke. I talked to the rep a little, and he mentioned that Rife's big claim to fame is the grooved face and Two-Bar system that actually begin the forward spin of the ball quicker after impact. He mentioned that other putters also have somewhat of a higher loft and they actually create some backspin as the ball begins its path toward the hole... or in some of our cases, its path right past the hole and down the slope. (cough.)

I was interested. I tried some more putts. I actually lagged quite a few up very close and holed at least three or four. The mallet putter was going up quite a bit in my book. I personally didn't line it up any easier with the two bars as with a normal lined putter, but the rep said I would. I don't know.

Bottom line, this is actually a really nice putter. It seemed a bit steep in price until I saw some of the other more well-known putters that I mentioned above. Again, Odyssey Black Series putters were not impressing me -- especially with their prices.

I learned something else from the Rife putter's literature that I actually didn't know in my twenty-three years of playing. The offset putter is primarily for the player with a dominant right eye. As my left eye was dominant, I tried the straight putter for the Rife and it really did make a huge difference. For some of you reading this, that may help you decide on types of putters too. For you smarty pants people that knew that, well, I could have used your help a long time ago. Thanks a lot...

Oh, and another tip: if you're late back from lunch, trying out putters doesn't work well for a good excuse to your boss. Trust me.

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