Graphite Design Golf Club Wood Shaft for Low Handicap


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Graphite Design Golf Club Wood ShaftIf you are shopping around for shafts, then I will assume you know more than the average bear. And you've stumbled across a player's shaft. These Graphite Design Tour shafts are really nice, but not for the novice.

The YSQ shafts are really cool and were designed for the more advanced golfer. The tip is very stiff to reduce torque at impact and gives you a lower, more penetrating ball flight.

The Graphite Design Tour has a four-axis weave technology. This weave technology is called Axial Composite Interlace (ACI). This interlacing is designed to reduce the deformation of the shaft during fast swing speeds.

I would recommend this shaft for those golfers with swing speeds of 90 mph and higher. This 65 model has a medium launch for a tour-like penetrating ball flight.

For you John Daly types that swing out of your shoes and are looking for the ultimate in distance, check out the Graphite Design Tour AD Throttle. This is a 47-inch shaft designed for you power junkies that swing with the ferociousness of a hungry lion.

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