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Remote Control Battery Operated w/ Belt Clip

Posted by Robert

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Golfer Beer Pager & Beverage Chiller This remote control beer pager is the best invention I've seen since the… well.. since the remote control. (In fact, I'm amazed that this wasn't the very next thing invented right after the remote control.) I'm pretty sure I invented this clever thing many years ago. I think I invented it several times over -- just about every time I lost my beer in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, to my consternation, somebody beat me to the punch and went to the trouble to patent and market my invention. (I will be contacting them immediately after this review to collect my royalties.)

Here's how it works: As soon as you lose your beer, or somebody steals it (like my friend Skeeter is fond of doing), just press the one button on the remote control and the beer koozie says "I hit a hole in one!" It does something else too that has slipped my mind. Oh yeah -- it keeps your beer cold too. (Did I mention this was the best invention ever?)

There is one flaw, though. The remote control is tiny and much harder to keep track of then my beer. It does come with a belt clip, but I would recommend that they throw in an extra forty remotes. Either that or make the koozie respond to clapping hands, like that ingenious Clapper device that turns your lights on an off. (Incidentally, I invented The Clapper as well.)

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