Golf Tee Set from Brush-t, Multicolored

Flexible for Swing Training

Posted by Robert

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Golf Tee Set from Brush-t Independent tests prove that you will get 3 to 7 yards more distance using these tees. This could be a good thing -- unless you slice it, and those extra seven yards take your ball into a creek. (True golfers can find the negative in everything.)

The idea behind these brush tees is that the bristles provide less drag then your traditional tees. "The Brush-t reduces resistance ordinarily encountered at the point of impact, and restores that stolen velocity…" Wow. Those old tees have been stealing from us all this time, right under our noses!

I'm not a big fan of this product. It's a bit gimmicky, and the tees are expensive. One positive thing that I will admit is the Brush-t will give you a consistent tee height, and they will last a long time. However, I like the Flex Tee better. It is a different kind of permanent tee that will give you the same consistent tee height, but without the bristles. I like it because it is lighter and doesn't travel as far when you hit it, and thus you can find it easier.

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