Golf Swing Training by Michael Bennett, Andy Plummer

Stack & Tilt Book, Hardcover

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Golf Swing Training by Michael Bennett,This is not your daddy's golf swing. The Stack and Tilt Swing is a controversial new swing that authors Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer spent a decade coming up with. It's a departure from many of the conventional teaching of the golf swing, the main difference being that most of your weight shifts to your right side during the back swing. In this Stack and Tilt, your weight stays more centered and never shifts back.

Notable PGA Tour Players Mike Weir and Aaron Baddeley both had some success on tour after changing to this technique, but both have since abandoned it and gone back to their old teachers and swings.

I've heard a lot of amateur golfers swearing by this method and advocating that it will make you more consistent. You will have to read this book and try it, and then decide for yourself.

This book takes does a great job of teaching you the Stack and Tilt. The main method consists of hitting the ground with the club in the same place consistently, having a powerful swing (while hitting the ground in the same place), and having a predictable pattern.

This isn't the swing for me; however it is fun to try, and it does contain some conventional fundamentals as well. Plus, the authors will point out that many of the old greats (like Hogan and Nicklaus) had parts of the stack and tilt in their golf swings.

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