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Golf Shop Live Ball Finder Scout Oh my goodness. I just stopped laughing and wiped my eyes.

This product is classic. I have literally never seen one of these in my life. It is none other than the Golf Shop Live Ballfinder Scout Complete System. Not just a finder. It's a system, folks. You also get a DVD, belt clip, and a pouch.

Mmmm. System.

It's a hand-held electronic doohickey that can somehow use its "proprietary digital imaging system" to find any standard white ball from up to 35 feet away -- get this -- when only three dimples are visible.

How on earth do they do it? I have no idea.

I'm not exaggerating. I went to their website to research just how this "imaging system" works, but unfortunately I only got a message saying "This product has been removed from the site."

Ok. Someone get out the Golf Shop Live Ballfinder Scout Complete System FINDER which is supposed to track down any missing product from the.... sorry.

This product was just too much fun for me to learn about. But even that didn't make me laugh as hard as poor Nick Faldo who somehow got tagged with being a full endorser of this hilarious product. Now I happen to like public relations, so if Mr. Faldo ever needs another member of his "PR team" to decide which products he should "fully endorse," I would love to throw in my two cents.

Mr. Faldo, please. For the love of Pete, don't ever endorse something that helps you find lost balls. Endorse something that shows how GOOD you are at the game, not how bad. It would be like Mike Tyson selling "Marital Counseling" videos.

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