Golf Pin Flag from Caddyshack Movie

Bushwood Country Club w/ Gopher Logo

Posted by Robert

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Golf Pin Flag from Caddyshack Movie Sing it with me: "I'm alright, don't nobody worry 'bout me… " Of course, that's the Caddyshack theme, simply the best golf movie ever made.

This is the movie that brought us famous quotes like "Be the ball, Danny" and "Noonan" that you hear on the golf course all the time. The movie dates back to 1980, and it's amazing the duration and stamina that it has had. I would imagine there are kids playing today that have heard these quotes and perhaps even used them, not knowing where they have come from. Then again, they may've seen the movie replayed on cable several times.

Here's a golf pin flag for you Caddyshack fanatics. It says "Bushwood Country Club" and features the famous gopher on the front. When I set up my chipping green in my backyard, this will be my first choice for the flag stick.

The flag is white and comes with three metal grommets. It'd make great gift for that golf fanatic in your life. Plus, it'd be cool to take out to tournaments and get some pros to sign it before hanging it in your den.

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