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Posted by Jess

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Golf Cottage Garden Wind Chime Do I have to? Do I really have to use this word?

I have tried for almost four full decades not to use this adjective to describe anything. When I see my friend's new tiny hybrid car pull into the course -- I did not use the word. Nope. I said it was "smart." When I see my brother-in-law's new baby -- I did not use the word. Nope. I said she was "perfect." When I see a puppy frolicking with its own tail, spinning around -- I did not use the word. Nope. I said, "Would you look at that?"

But it's the only word that describes this Pro Shop Bird House Wind Chime, and I can't help it anymore. It's just so darn...


There. I said it. It's just a hand painted bird house with chimes and decorated like a little mom-and-pop owned golf course shack that you can hang on your back porch or even in front of a larger pro shop. That's all it is. Price is a little steep for my taste, but if you want this look, it would be a great find for you. What look is that again?

It's cute, man. You can't deny it. It's just very, very cute.

Whew. That's done. I'm going to go review a manly swing strength trainer and get this out of my system...

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