Flex Golf Ball Tee

Flexible w/ Long Driver, Mid, Short Length

Posted by Robert

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Flex Golf Ball Tee Quick question: If this is the "last tee I will ever buy," why does this set come with eight tees? Hmmm.

Reminds me of my father's favorite joke: A guy walking on the beach finds a bottle, picks it up, and a genie pops out granting him three wishes. The man asks for a beer. "POOF!" In his hand appears a large frosty mug full of his favorite malty beverage. He promptly drinks it down and the beer immediately refills itself. Again he pounds it down, and again it refills. The genie, growing impatient, demands: "Sir, you still have two more wishes."

The man replies, "(Hiccup)… I'll take two more of these!"

These tees actually are a pretty good invention, and the best thing about them (besides that they don't break) is they do give you a consistent ball height each time. The set comes with three different color-coded sizes. The red tees are the longest for your driver. The orange are the next size down, and the yellow is the shortest.

I like these better than the Brush-t tees (which also give you the consistent tee height). These Flex tees don't go as far when you hit them and thus are easier to hang on too.

One word of warning: the tees can't be pushed into the ground with the ball on it like your traditional tees, and it's spongy and soft and not easy to place in hard ground. Thus, don't buy these in the wintertime when the ground is frozen.

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