F2 Golf Sand Wedge Club Plus

Stainless Steel w/ Cobalt Finish

Posted by Robert

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F2 Golf Sand Wedge Club Plus This wedge looks like it has arthritis. Man, is this thing ugly! The idea is to make the club "shank proof." The way they've accomplished this is by moving the face forward and the hosel back. Consequently, they've made this wedge look deformed and bowed. I've got a better name for this wedge: how about, "The Elephant Wedge?"

Has it really come to this? Are you shanking your short pitch shots? Look, we've all struggled with these delicate shots, but you don't need to buy this gimmicky wedge. Just work on your short game. Work on your rhythm and tempo and swinging with "Dead Hands" as Dave Pelz teaches.

A really good game-improving sand wedge that I do like is the Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf. This wedge has a back-weighting system that moves the balance point closer to your body. The idea is to feel the club head through the swing and prevent you from flipping or releasing your wrists early.

You still need to practice, but I like it because there are no gimmicks with the Heavy Wedge. It's not deformed. It just has a great feel that helps you swing with better tempo and less flipping.

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