EZ-GO Electric Golf Caddy

Folding Cart w/ Motor Brake

Posted by Jess

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EZ-GO Electric Golf Caddy My clubs are too heavy. Flat out too heavy.

Maybe it's the golf ball grabber, the five Gatorades, the swing trainer, the extra dozen golf balls (I lose ‘em, folks), and the rain gear I'm packing along with fourteen clubs. OK, sixteen. I can't seem to get rid of the extra two.

So sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do. Rent a cart.

But just as easily, sometimes a man's got to spend what a man's got to spend. Which is nothing on a cart.

Oh sure, I can lug my clubs -- but let's face it. I'm not as invincible as I used to be. Oh sure, I could rent a pull cart -- but you know what? I sometimes get just as tired doing that.

Here's another solution that might just mean one larger purchase and then freedom from pain and rental fees ever again: the EZ GO electric golf caddy cart with motor brake. It looks intimidating but is actually one of the easiest items to use right out of the box. It literally takes seconds to fold and unfold it. It has nice big wheels, variable speeds from very slow to "faster than you should walk," and a 12-Volt battery with charger. It has an adjustable scorecard handle (and beverage holder!), and a nice braking system.

This thing has some serious work with my heavy bag, but it boasts keeping up with you (but hopefully not running away from you) on the hilliest courses. The price is steep -- but again, it may be the last money you'll ever spend on an alternative to packing your sticks around. And the Gatorades. And the balls. And the rain gear. And...

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