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Eyeline Golf Putting Training Aid Ok I'm going to be honest here.

I have always disliked learning and teaching aids. The market is full of the next gimmick that is supposed to either "save us strokes" or "add yards" or even "instill confidence."

And you know what? I've honestly stayed away from all of them. Unfortunately, my game hasn't gotten better on my own either, but I simply couldn't see myself trading valuable time and money for some product, when I should actually just invest in some lessons with my local pro.

Remember the honest thing? I actually used a putting aid at a local pro shop recently -- just to see.

The Eyeline Golf Putting Laser Line Training Aid looked to be just another gimmick, and I was pretty skeptical, let me tell you. With some help from one of the reps, I picked out a normal putter from the the rack, clipped on this little laser light, and first just marveled about how I couldn't even feel it. I thought for sure this thing would get in the way somehow. But it didn't.

It then extended a red, easy-to-see laser line that was perfectly squared with the face of my putter and extended about three feet toward the hole and away from the hole. OK. That was cool.

Then the rep smiled impishly and just said, "Now go ahead and take a normal putting stroke."

He obviously knew what would follow.

As I made my pendulum swing (that I was a little proud of prior to this), I literally drew a big, red frown in the air with the laser.

Um... so... I don't swing straight, apparently. Hence the three-putts.

With some work, I actually was able to practice (yes, practice) some strokes that created a perfect line time and time again. You know what? I actually sank about 8 out of 10 six-footers afterward. No joke.

For the price (which is comparable to a laser pointer from OfficeMax), it is well worth the experience. Granted, Eyeline has all kinds of extra gadgets to help you putt better, but this one was plenty for me.

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